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Television is one of the fastest evolving entertainment mediums in the world. With the advent of on-demand and time-shifted viewing, streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and Lovefilm, TV is growing faster than ever. Where once TV was a form of entertainment constrained by time and place, now TV viewers consume their favourite shows whenever and wherever they choose – on traditional TV sets, but increasingly on laptops, tablets and smartphones too. More than ever, it is essential for TV companies to harness the power of their fans to build and extend their brands.


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The advent of second-screening – by which viewers watch TV but interact with content online – presents a huge opportunity for TV companies to engage fans around content and re-engage them before, during and after the show. Whether audiences are binge-watching an entire season on the streaming platform of their choice or gathering with friends and family to watch time-specific content such as live shows or global events, keeping fans engaged with your brand and content is more important than ever, to keep them coming back, and keep the buzz around your shows alive. By using your .fans domain to give a single intuitive place for fans to come together, discover and share content, you can increase viewer retention, loyalty and excitement.

For the film industry – more competitive than ever before – it is critical that fans are kept up to date with trailers, previews and release dates – alongside the drip feed of information that converts fans into ticket buyers.

Whether you are creating original TV formats, producing films, or driving on-demand streams of legacy content, having a single destination that clearly signposts itself as a fan destination is crucial to galvanise your fan base.

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