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For thousands for years people have come together to listen to music, share stories through music, and bond over shared passion. Whether fans of the newest boy-band, stadium rock acts, folk music or up-and-coming bands playing on the local scene, music inspires loyalty and fandom above and beyond almost any other medium. As the music landscape becomes increasingly complex, the attention of fans is spread thinner than ever.

In a world where music competes not only with other music, but with the Xbox and Netflix and other on-demand entertainment services, it is more important than ever to bring fans together in one place, giving them a destination where they can discover the best and most relevant information about their favourite artists.

Domains such as www.rockmusic.fans instantly communicate to fans that this is THEIR destination, with immediate access to the content they are looking for.

At launch almost every name imaginable is available for registration – whether the name of a band or solo artist, a particular genre of music, or even a seminal album.


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The music landscape has changed out of all proportion over the past two decades; where once we were selling a simple product – the album – now, increasingly, revenue flows not from single products, but from the relationship an artist has with his or her audience. By constantly engaging fans through multiple channels with the content they want, artists can increase engagement and inspire loyalty amongst fans, moving them along a path where the ultimate goal is for the fan to transact. Whether that transaction – and revenue – is passive – such as streaming a track through services such as Spotify or Vevo – or active – such as purchasing tickets or merchandise – a coherent content strategy and well-defined touch points are essential to developing long term and sustainable careers for bands and musicians. It is more important than ever to ensure fans are well-engaged and easily able to find the content that matters to them. With a .fans domain, you can lead fans to exactly the content that matters at this very point in the artist campaign, ensuring they engage with relevant content and purchasing opportunities. Whether an emerging artist, or well-established global act, a .fans domain gives a premium destination to engage fans.

Whatever your music, we’d like to work with you to ensure that you secure the .fans domain you need to engage your most passionate fans.

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