Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the questions we are most commonly asked about .fans

What are gTLDs and Top Level Domains?

A “Top Level Domain” is the part of an internet address that comes after the dot – so .fans and .com are Top Level Domains (or TLDs). gTLDs are “generic Top Level Domains”. Familiar existing gTLDs include .com, .net, .org, .gov, and .edu. A new range of gTLDs  – more than 1000 in total – are being issued starting now and .fans will be live from early 2015. This means brands will be able to register alongside more traditional and legacy domains.

I own my trademark – how do I protect it?

At dotFans we are keen to ensure the right people get the right domains – this creates better value for everyone using .fans domains. As such, we are keen to work with trademark holders to help them secure relevant domains. .fans will offer a “Sunrise” period before releasing the domains for public sale. During this Sunrise period, trademark holders will be able to register .fans domains matching their existing trademarks. If you would like further information about .fans Sunrise, or to discuss protecting your existing trademarks, please click here and enter your details.

I’ve already got my .com – why do I need .fans?

We don’t view .fans domains as something to use instead of a .com domain – rather, it is a complementary domain name, to signpost specific content for fans. As more and more new domains launch over the next couple of years, brands will begin using multiple domain names to point to different areas of an existing website – or to multiple micro-sites. The ways you can use a .fans domain are limitless – as a hub to aggregate fan-facing content from multiple social networks; as a fan community; as a destination to offer exclusive fan content. However you use it though, pointing fans towards a generic .com site is like sending your most valued customers to a stadium, and expecting them to make their own way to the VIP area. With a .fans domain you can differentiate the experience for true fans, taking them straight to where the action is.

How do I register my .fans domain?

You can register your .fans domain by visiting this page

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