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A major part of the strategy behind .fans domain names is to make sure that they become a truly great signpost for fan-facing content. We want our part of the internet to have real value for the brands, teams, artists, celebrities and fans who use the .fans domain by getting great users on board making great content and putting it on websites that use .fans domain names.

To ensure this, we are working with a select group of launch partners, issuing domains free of charge to ensure that the correct people – teams, musicians, actors, authors – are given first option to secure their relevant name or trademark before domains are released to public sale.

While many people already have a .com domain it is important to realise that as increasing numbers of new-style domain names launch over the coming months, the way consumers navigate to content on the internet is fundamentally changing; this means that while it may not seem relevant to your strategy today, securing a .fans domain now is of critical importance. In two or three years from now – when new domains are a key part of the new evolution of the internet – the name you want may already have gone to another applicant, either to run a fan site, or to hold for future development.

So long as these users are genuinely running a fan site – and are not using the domain maliciously, and are not simply posting poor-quality or spam content – then their use of the domain is probably regarded as legitimate. There is a clearly laid out process in ICANN – the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute Resolution Policy – to contest registrations of domains, but in the case of non-malicious sites operating as fan sites or forums, the chances of a trademark holder (or other name holder) over-turning the registration are equally weighted in favour of the original registrant and the person or organisation contesting that registration.

The only way you can stop domains going to other registrants is to secure your name as soon as possible: .fans is operating an Early Adopter programme to work with key brands in sport, music, film, TV, publishing and other sectors of the entertainment industry. For more information about the Early Adopters program please email hello@dotfans.com

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